A  lost young boy, an unexpected right turn, unfathomable love for Christ, a sincere commitment to His call, and an obedient servant to the Master!

My name is Timothy Sargunam, and here is my story…

I was not a born Christian, my family worshiped pagan gods, and practiced pagan rituals seeking peace, healing, and blessing… but to no avail. Insanity is when you do the same thing many times expecting different results. We were insane!

My beloved mother, however, developed a new faith, a new belief that was new to us. She found Christ, simply by eavesdropping on a sermon that was preached next door. She was healed! Found peace! And was so affirmative with the new covenant she made with Jesus. I was aware of this, but my ways didn’t change.

I had a near-death experience during my early teens. I cracked my skull and broke my leg after meeting with a fatal road accident. I recovered, thanks to my mother’s prayers, yet I didn’t develop any personal relationship with Jesus. I simply acknowledged him as one of many gods.

When I was at my prime, 21-year-old boy, who had the option to be anything and anyone. I decided to surrender my life to Jesus and handed Him the steering wheel to take control. I realized he was the one and only God and wanted to know him personally.

In the year 1986, I received my calling to be a Pastor. Never thought of being or becoming a Pastor in my life, in fact, I wanted to be a lawyer and structured my study plans likewise.

Nevertheless, when I affirmed His call in my life, I did not want to turn back or be tempted to turn back. Like Elisha, I sacrificed all my belongings and my worldly dreams to follow my Master, Jesus Christ.

I left my hometown, Nilgiris district, Tamil Nadu, and journeyed to S.A.B.C (Southern Asia Bible College) Bengaluru, Karnataka. I graduated in the year 1990, and was blessed with an amazing wife, and later down the years blessed with two sons who all serve the Lord with me in their own capacities.

I witnessed the hardships and challenges, the Glory and Grace of God, intertwined during my early days in the ministry. Even though, I had many days without food, worn-out clothes, and cold nights. I was never tired, vexed, or helpless. I had a calling, a vision infused with deep passion, a faith that overcame every challenge, a covenant with my Creator, and blessed with Gifts of the Holy Spirit.

I traveled to many villages preaching His Gospel and witnessed lives change, healings, and miracles.

After 7 months of evangelism and preaching His gospel, the Lord showed me the place to start His church. There were 5 people in that suburb when I first started. I was inspired to name it Elim. ‘The Second encampment where the Israelites encamped, it had 12 wells of water and threescore and ten palm trees.’ An Oasis in the wilderness!

As days passed, many come to know the Lord Jesus Christ. The Lord began his handiwork and gracefully led His church and his people.

We face many oppositions, many threats but I know who my God is. I knew what his calling was, and I never withdrew. The events that followed made all locals realize how big of a God I serve.

Through all difficulties, hardship, betrayal, threats, loneliness, sickness, and trials… He never forsakes me. He was and is still right here in such moments with me! I shall leave you with this…

I hope my brief story would help you in your own journey and encourage you to hold on to Christ and witness His Grace just as I did.

Peace, Love, Joy, and Blessings

Rev. Timothy Sargunam